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What NOT to Say in an Interview - Top 12 Things

After conducting so many interviews, and reading the feedback on so many more, I have compiled the top 12 things candidates often say WRONG in an interview.

These are things that people say all the time, and you might think they're harmless, but it actually loses them the job.

Some of them include:

🍊Asking about salary in the first call.

It makes you seem more focused on the compensation than finding a mutual fit around the total experience. Also, it could lessen your powers of negotiation later.

🍊Overconfidence, such as. "I'm the best candidate you'll meet."

You don't know that. You sound cocky. Instead, blow their minds by telling them about your accomplishments.

🍊Talking negatively about previous employers

It's not a good look at the interview! Though sometimes you have to be honest, so often it greatly by telling it in a way where you show that you understand their perspective and explain the learning you took away from the situation.

Watch 9 more things in the video!

What is something you've noticed candidates saying that hurts them instead of helps them? I am excited to see what you all come up with!

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