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How to Prepare for a Panel Interview - 5 Ways to ACE a Panel Job Interview!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

It is very important to know how to prepare and what to expect during panel interviews. In this video, we will be talking about how to impress the interviewer and what to expect during the panel interview.

You are exceptional and I want to make sure you're adding value to the world in a way that lights you up.

Here are 5 tips to rock panel interviews (and the number 1 mistake people make)

🍊First, you want to confidently greet each person in the interview.

I filmed this video before COVID-19 hit, so I had recommended to shake hands. But now I recommend to say, “Hi I’m ___, you are?” & repeat each person’s name back to them as they say it. If you’ve met them before, greet them individually by saying their names.

🍊Second, practice “Tell me about yourself” - this is the most common panel question. I also explain 2 more top questions in the video.

🍊Third. Ask for the names of the interviewers so that you can research them. I give you a killer question to ask the panelists based on this research in the video.

🍊Fourth. Ask for clarification.

If they ask a question that is super broad or you don’t totally understand, ask for clarification. I give examples of how to ask these clarifying questions in the video.

Tune in for tip 5 & to hear the BIGGEST mistake people make in the panel interview.

I am super curious, comment down your experience with panel and group interviews. How have they gone for you? Do they go worse or better than one on one?

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Tell me about yourself” worksheet to help you craft your BEST answer to the most common interview question! Snag it here

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Watch this video on how to answer “Why Should We Hire You?” Watch it here

Do you know what to answer to behavioral interview questions that start with, “tell me about a time when...” Examples are here! I’ll share behavioral interview questions with answers and tell me about a time interview question examples.

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