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BEST Answers to the 10 Most Asked Interview Questions | Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Do you have an interview soon? Need examples of exactly how I should respond to the top interview questions. In this video, I have compiled footage of the best-crafted answers to each of the top interview questions

This is going to be so much information. This is perfect for someone who has an interview soon or needs a refresher on the best interview tips and doesn't want to sift through hours of videos.

Here are the top 10 job interview questions and answers, all in one place and RAPID FIRE. Such as did you know...

🍊Where do you want to be in 5 years?

↪️Should not be about job titles, but instead ways you want to develop.

🍊Tell be about yourself.

↪️Shouldn't be longer than 90 seconds

🍊Why did you leave your last role?

↪️If you were fired it is best to AGREE with the termination and come away with learning.

SO many more gems in this video. It is the ultimate interview prep vid. Watch it before every interview to stay sharp!

What interview question do you hear all the time?

Free Download!

Tell me about yourself” worksheet to help you craft your BEST answer to the most common interview question! Snag it here!

Watch these videos!

Here is the FULL playlist of all the videos mentioned


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Hello! Even at the beginning of watching your video, I noticed that you added subtitles in 9 languages. Please tell me, did you use this site or did you use something else?

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