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What is Your Greatest Weakness Answer Samples

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

When heading into a job interview, you've got to have an answer ready to "What is your greatest weakness?" But what if I told you there's a simple formula to spin this question into a positive, without doing the ol' "my weakness is my strength" angle ("I care too much, I work too hard!").

You may think companies only ask this question as a boobytrap to get you to say bad things about yourself... ...And you would be right! The first time I was ever asked this question I froze and said, " memory isn't great." 🙈You'll want to take a different approach. The first thing to know is: ✅ Always be telling stories. Your weakness should be the story of how you: 1️⃣ Got feedback, or noticed something in yourself that could use improvement 2️⃣ The steps you're taking to improve that skill 3️⃣ Any results/progress you've made Clear as mud? The video dives deeper and shares an example in this format. ➡️ How have you answered this question in the past?

WATCH: Get detailed advice on how to answer the rest of the interview questions by watching the video, "The Powerful Formula to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions (Story Toolbox)". Watch it here.

And, here is a video on "How to Answer: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?". Watch here.

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