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Prepare for Job Fair - Stand Out by Doing This!

Updated: May 18, 2020

I'll teach you the best job fair tips. These include researching, asking what questions to ask the company and how to pitch yourself. I will also discuss a 4 step research process that will make your conversation with the companies at the job fair easy and enjoyable at the same time.

Here is EVERY step of Job Fair prep. How to research, what questions to ask the company, how to pitch yourself. I crammed it all in here. 🍊 Research Start with the companies you are most interested in and go to their career page to see if they have any open roles you are interested in. Don't be the person who asks which roles are open, everyone asks this! I give a 4 step research process that will make your conversation with the company easy! 🍊 What to say to the Company I walk through exactly my script of what to say. It's where you alternate saying something about yourself & your interest in the company, with asking probing questions to the representative. This allows you to build a relationship! 🍊 After the Fair Ask how you should follow up. Also, ask to get a business card while talking to them. If they don't have one, make sure you have their name. Follow up the next day with an email reiterating who you are and your interest in a specific role, with the resume attached. SO much more in the video, I really went all out on this one. What are your career fair tips?

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WATCH: Here is a video on The Easy 3 step formula for writing a cover letter. Watch it here.

And, here's a video on how to create your own portfolio or "BAMF Binder" to stand out at the job fair and at all of your in-person interviews. Watch here.

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