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How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I'll teach you how to write a thank you email after your interview and make sure to wow your interviewers. In this video, I am giving you the best thank you email template with two examples to put this puppy in action!


I need all the hiring managers, recruiters, and coaches to chime in here, because I cannot emphasize enough how important a thank you email is after an interview.

Most studies show about 20% of candidates send thank you notes, and yet, many of us have stories of how a thank you email has pushed a candidate to offer stage past others.

You’ve got to do it!

I give a template and then I show an ADVANCED example that truly WOWs companies.

Your thank you email should contain 3 things:




Notice I didn’t say “sell yourself more.”

This email is all about them, and how great THEY are.

Personalization is where you can REALLY set yourself apart, which is what I reveal in the video.

Do you believe in the power of thank you emails?

Free Download!

Follow Up Email Templates - Use these to craft the perfect follow up email after your interview to hear back & land the next interview. Get it here!

Here is a video of exactly how and how often to follow up. Additionally with several real-world examples of a job done right and wrong! Watch it here!

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