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8 Signs of a Possible Job Offer!

Updated: May 18, 2020

How to know if the interview went well? What are the signs of a possible offer? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves every time we come from an interview. I'll talk about some good signs that indicate that you are getting the offer.

From being on the company side, I KNOW that there are absolutely signs in the interview that indicate you are getting the offer! Often, more than one of these will mean you get the job, and I've seen if you especially see # 4, 7, & 8, you likely got it! 1️⃣Your emails get an immediate response. It's so much easier to craft an email to someone you're excited about than someone you don't want to lead on or aren't sure about. 2️⃣ Saying "You" When they say things like, "What you'll do in the role is..." it could be an indication that they are comfortable with you and are picturing you in the role. 3️⃣Office Tour If one of your interviewers at the end of you interview goes, "Hey, want me to show you around?" It sounds random, but this is a potential sign! 4️⃣Scheduling If they speed up their process for you or do the interview at strange hours, this could be an indication that they really don't want to lose you as a candidate. 5️⃣ Interview Goes Long If they talk to you and it goes over into their next meeting, that is a great sign that they could be enthusiastic about you. Watch for more details and the remaining 3. People are MOST surprised by # 8️⃣.

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