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5 Best Skills to Learn for Jobs

Updated: May 18, 2020

I'll talk about some useful marketable skills that you can learn in your free time. These hard-skills are high paying ones that are expected and yet are not the focus at many universities. I noticed that most of the skills that employers are looking for are not taught in schools, so I will teach you 5 marketable skills that you can learn in your vacant time.

There are certain skills in the job market that are HOT right now, especially in corporate & tech settings. These are skills that are expected and yet are not the focus of many universities. When I first entered the corporate world years ago, I realized there were a whole lot of skills companies expected me to have that I never had a chance to learn. Now that I am on the hiring side, I can see how truly important these skills are to hiring managers. I’ve noticed the skills that hiring managers want aren’t generally the same skills students are learning in school. The top 2 skills I WISH school had made sure to teach me: ➡️Excel It’s bizarre to never need Excel in school and then go into the corporate world and it is simply expected that you know it. After taking training on it, I now do not know how I lived my life without the formulas, charting, and mass import/exports that Excel enables. ➡️Design Presentations to craft resumes to build, deliverables to produce - each has to have a level of polish and is a reflection of us. I’ve learned design largely by experimenting endlessly and using tools on the internet to help me. With many things digital now, we should all have some design skills handy. What is a skill you wish you had learned sooner?

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Here are the resources referenced in the video!

GoSkills - Such an effective way to skill-up quickly on the most marketable skills! Quick, digestible training,

check it out here.

BAMF Binder - Creating your own professional portfolio - Watch the video to get ideas of how to dazzle companies in your onsite interviews (and show off some design skills!). Watch it here.

Canva - My favorite design tool. Try it here.

Duo-Lingo - Great app for sharpening language skills. Check it out here.

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