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How to Post in LinkedIn - Increase 10,000+ LinkedIn Followers in Under 6 Months

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Have you been positioning on LinkedIn, but not seen the traction you want? You want to dramatically increase the number of profile views and followers you have to attract massive opportunity but are only seeing gradual growth?

In this video, I'm going to teach you how I was able to grow my LinkedIn following and the following of many others from several thousand to tens of thousands in under a year.

Here is how to post on LinkedIn and build momentum QUICKLY!

This method helps you to walk before you run.

Start with a commenting strategy.

First, find people on the platform who resonate with you/your audience.

Second, when they post about a topic you like, comment on it within the first few hours that it is posted as it is gaining more engagement.

Comment something significant.

Such as:

🍊Add another tip

🍊Tell a personal anecdote

🍊Explain why the post is meaningful to you

This is incredibly powerful because:

🍊Their audience is now being exposed to YOU

🍊This drives traffic to your profile and increases followers/connections

🍊You start to build a relationship with the poster since you are bringing value to their content

Then use these comments to springboard into your own original content.

Much more information on that in the video, including how often to post and comment for the best results!

Are you ready to start posting on LinkedIn?

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