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Is it Worth Getting a Master's Degree? HEAD TO HEAD ft. Primal Career

I am joined by Mahdi Kafi, the host of Primal Career Youtube channel and we'll answer your question, "Is a master's degree worth it?" Mahdi Kafi doesn't have a Master's degree, I do. in this video, we'll discuss the pros and cons of getting a degree to see where it helps and hurts.

We talk through 4 statements to discuss if they are true or false:

➡️ Going to grad school right out of college will advance your career

Mahdi says it can, as long as you're learning something that isn't as easy to learn on your own.

But it should not be a way to "delay being in the real world."

I said grad school did accelerate my career but if you're going right after college you better be SURE you want this to be your career.

Grad school isn't a place for career discovery, go to grad school once you know what you want.

See us debate the rest of the statements:

➡️Grad school is the best way to change careers

➡️Grad school makes you a more attractive job applicant

➡️You’ll make more money

There are so many things to consider in this decision, do a LOT of research before getting a master's degree.

🍊Talk to alumni (I'll link a video on how to do this)

🍊Talk to professionals in your field

🍊Talk to recruiters who would hire you, ask what they look for

Why did you choose to get a Master's or not?

Free Download!

Here's my "Get into Grad School Checklist" which is a cheat sheet of all the most important tips that they DON'T tell you about getting into graduate school. Go here!

Check out Primal Career hosted by Mahdi Kafi. Visit here!

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