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I decided to join the blockchain industry in 2015, and from being in this industry for a few years now, there are two things I know: the world will be a better place with blockchain solutions, and blockchain will be a better technology with more people involved (and I'm focusing my efforts on women since they are underrepresented). 

I have spoken at and been a part of women in blockchain initiatives at several major California universities, including UCLA, USC, UCI and UC Berkeley. I am a member of several women's groups including Women of Crypto, Crypto Obsessed, and Women in Blockchain. Additionally, I've worked with and supported female-focused companies who have sought to educate women on cryptocurrency such as Create Cultivate and Mogul.

I have a mailing list for any women who want to learn more about cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry, you can sign up here. Please reach out if you are looking to have gender-balanced speakers and panelists at your next blockchain event - while I speak on many topics, I can also connect you with other powerful women who will truly rock your tube socks. 

Topics I'm available to speak on include (but are not limited to):

  • How to break into the blockchain industry

  • Best tips to ramp up quickly in the blockchain space

  • How to get started investing in cryptocurrency

  • Building a team at a blockchain company

  • How to train a team with no direct blockchain experience

  • Everyone's an "Expert": Sussing out true blockchain talent from the posers

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I am available for speaking engagements, interviews, collaborations, and to meet great people. For more information on the topics I speak on, please see the About page.