In this video you will get in the mind of company recruiters to understand what influences them when they review your resume.  You'll learn four things in your resume that can lead to being rejected and how to improve your resume and get those job interviews!

In this video, you'll learn why switching full time roles in a short amount of time, or being a "job hopper," can be preventing you from getting job interviews, and how to adjust your resume and interview answers to overcome this stigma!

In this video you’ll learn resume hacks on how to get through company’s automated resume scanning software using the right keywords. If you are applying online to larger companies, the odds are, your resume is being sorted ahead of time by a computer before it ever gets to a recruiter. Having the right keywords on your resume is essential to getting past those bots!

In this video you'll get examples of how to write a effective objective statement, as well as when you should NOT include an objective statement on a resume.

In this video we are going to look at 3 real world examples of creative resumes and job applications, and you’ll walk away with actionable tips to shake up your online job application when you're on the job hunt!

"Interesting" and "resume" are not two words you see next to each other often, but there IS a way to build intrigue and convey personality through a resume, and in this video I walk you through exactly how to do it.

In this video you’ll get to see from a recruiter’s perspective what people put in their summer internship applications. I broke it down to 5 types of internship applications a company receives, the percentage of applications that fit into each category, and the pros and cons of each type. You’ll get examples of how your peers are applying for internships and how you can snatch those opportunities for yourself!

In this video you'll learn how much experience to include on your resume, and what to do with less relevant and earlier career experience. 

Should you put your graduation years on your resume? We answer this question as well as your follow up questions:

- Can they predict my age from my amount of experience?
- What should I say if I'm asked my graduation years in an interview?
- Will they think I'm hiding something if I don't include my graduation years on my resume?
- Should I remove my graduation years from my LinkedIn profile?

We are counting down your top 5 favorite resume tips from Self Made Millennial videos. Many of your are tired of the same ol' tips from other sources, but liked THESE because they give more insight into the mind of a recruiter and how they are evaluating.