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What is the Fastest Way to Get a Job? Ways to Get Hired Fast!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

What is the fastest way to land a job? I'll show you, but you have to trust me. If you are on a shortened timeline to land a job, there are highly effective ways to speed it up significantly, but it's going to take you outside of your comfort zone.

In this video, I am going to show you the fastest way to land a job. I will teach you how to get your foot in the door to land job offers quickly.

The first step is to throw online applications out of the window.

That route is SLOW.

You're sending your resume to a database, unsure if or when a human will see it.

Databases don't get people jobs. People get people jobs.

Go straight to the source.

➡️Log 100 "interactions" a week.⬅️

What is an "interaction"? It's any exchange you have with another person relating to your career:

🍊You tell your friend you're job searching at lunch

🍊You ask the person in line at Taco bell if they know anyone who works at X company

🍊You meet your cousin's boss

Interactions turn into leads, leads turn into opportunities, and opportunities turn into offers.

Now I go way deeper into 5 other things to do to speed up your job search in the video. But this is a great place to start.

Stop counting applications applied to. Start counting interactions.

Free Download!

Here's a video on How to have an Informational Interview. Watch it here.

Here's also a video on 2 Messages to Send After You Apply. Watch it here.

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