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Video Resume: 3 Steps on How to Create a Video Resume in 2020 + Example!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

These are my best video interview tips, including a real video interview example of how Elizabeth got the job! You'll learn how to build a video resume without having to talk on camera and without having editing skills.

I'll show you how to put together the six parts of your script, how to edit it within a few hours, and then send it to every company you apply to.

A few key things to know when prepping for the video interview:

🍊Notifications - Create a guest account on your computer and log into that for interviews. That should eliminate any notifications your normal computer may throw at you.

🍊Computer - Stack it up on several books so that you aren’t looking down towards the interviewer. It subconsciously sends the signal that you are looking down on them.

More prep tips in the video!

And then Elizabeth used the digital version of my BAMF Binder approach.

BAMF Binder: a portfolio for ANY profession that summarizes previous projects, experiences, and achievements.

Elizabeth took this digital and absolutely BLEW the hiring panel away.

For 2 reasons:

🍊It's better to SHOW than TELL. She showed her work and competency.

🍊She displayed her ability to use technology seamlessly.

Watch the video to see all the tips and Elizabeth's video interview in action.

Show don't tell!

Free Download!

Tell me about yourself” worksheet to help you craft your BEST answer to the most common interview question! Snag it here

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Watch my blooper here

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Hello, I just recently bought myself a mac. I noticed in your video footage from your desktop. Can you tell me what you use to record your screen? Not long ago I found with screen recording methods, maybe you can tell me what I should choose?

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