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Posting Video on LinkedIn - 6x Your Views with 5 Tips!

Updated: May 18, 2020

I'll talk about 5 tips that can increase your engagement if you are creating a LinkedIn video. After lots of experimenting, I realized that LinkedIn videos have a different approach compared to other video platforms. So I will be discussing each tip and its secrets, and how to dramatically increase your engagement by using LinkedIn videos.

I have been doing a video for several years now, but I do it in the "YouTube" format. After lots of studying and experimenting, I found that you can't approach LinkedIn like other video platforms. This video includes 5 tips that can really increase your engagement if you are creating a LinkedIn video. ✅ How to get a thumbnail - LinkedIn doesn't give you the ability to upload a thumbnail, here is a sweet workaround! ✅ The top 3 most popular types of video content - I recommend trying all 3 and notice what resonates and feels most natural. ✅ Jump straight into your message - I know, the video you see has a full intro, but if this video was meant for LinkedIn I wouldn't introduce anything, I would just start giving tips right away. ✅ Captions - You've GOT to add captions to the video. I'll explain why and give tips on how to do it. ✅ This is the tip that changed the game for me. I really suggest you watch this one in full. What has been your experience with LinkedIn video?

WATCH: Here is a video on, "Post on LinkedIn: 5 Tips That Got Me 30k+ Impressions a Day" for many more tips! Watch it here.

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