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Interviewer Says They Have Other Interviews - Do These 3 Things Now!

Updated: May 18, 2020

What will you do when the interviewer says they have other interviews? Recruiters may mention, “We are still in the process of interviewing other candidates” or “we are still interviewing more candidates”. Don't spin your wheels trying to figure out what they mean. I'll discuss some steps on what to do while waiting, provide you with tips on how to stand out and prepare for your next interview.

When a company says, "We are still interviewing other candidates" at the end of an interview or email, what do they mean & what actions should you take? 3 possible translations of this phrase: 1️⃣“Don’t expect an answer from me right away because I have more interviews I have to do.” ➡️Most plausible subtext. 2️⃣“I just started this search and I am still calibrating who I’m looking for. You could be it but I’ve got to figure it out over more interviews” ➡️You may be one of the 1st, & they aren't ready to make choices. 3️⃣"We aren’t convinced you’re the right fit but we are going to keep interviewing a bit longer before we reject you." ➡️Most cynical interpretation. Don't spin your wheels trying to figure out what they mean. Use this as a signal that you should STAND OUT before earning your next interview. I have 3 tips: 🍊Follow up every 5 business days - I give you the templates 🍊Send an "I'm almost off the market" email - this brings the employer back suddenly, I share how to write one 🍊Create a Value Validation Project - It's a project you can build on your own to impress the company What other things can we do when waiting to hear back?

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Follow Up Email Templates - Use these to craft the perfect follow up email after your interview to hear back & land the next interview. Get them HERE.

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