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Inside Grad School Admissions - Grad School Tips

Updated: May 18, 2020

If you are looking to get into grad school - possibly Ph.D. admission or a masters program admission, MBA, Law School, or even how to get into an ivy league grad school- seeing it all as a member of the admissions board myself, I am the best person to be giving out tips and pieces of advice on what the best approach is.

You’ll learn about grad school admissions from the inside - how admissions committees make decisions, and most importantly, how to get in. I will not be talking about your GPA or test scores - there is a lot more to getting into grad school than that. I’ll walk you through 4 insights and tips that will increase your chances of getting accepted.

Did you know that getting into grad school is a lot different than undergrad? I'm headed to USC to speak with some Master's students today, and it's reminding me of when I was on the admissions board of a Master's program.

Here are 4 tips to get in: 🍊Research the program deeply - Programs with similar names will give you completely different experiences. One major distinction is: is it research or practicum? The best way to do this research is to find alum and ask them questions. The questions I ask are in the video that I'll link. 🍊Show Demonstrated Interest - This is a term schools associate with applicants who come to events, call the program, talk with admissions. Students with Demonstrated Interest are preferred because they are likely to help "yield" - the ratio of offers to acceptances. I swear I explain this better in the video! 🍊Apply for Early Admission - Nuff' said. Dramatically increases your chances. 🍊Statement of purpose should be on how the program fits with your aspirations - There are different prompts, but don't be distracted by the expectations for undergrad where you had to write a riveting tale about your life.

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Here's my "Get into Grad School Checklist" which is a cheat sheet of all the most important tips that they DON'T tell you about getting into graduate school. Get it HERE.

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