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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile - 3 Highest Ranking Things You Can Do

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is so important to show up in searches. I will discuss the top 3 ways to optimize your LinkedIn and also teach you how to determine which keywords should appear on it. An example of how to craft a headline that can convey value to the readers and attract them to read more will also be provided.

Don’t write “Seeking New Opportunities” in your headline. It’s hurting your chances of getting a job, or at the very least, not helping you. Here is what to write instead: Keywords for Target Role | Your Target Industry/Area of Expertise | Your Unique Value Such as: Project Management | Nonprofits, Lean Six Sigma | Led Over 200 Projects to Success Your headline should: 🍊 Convey value to the reader 🍊 Entice them to read more 🍊 Appear in relevant searches 🚫 Your headline should not contain meaningless buzzwords (“Innovator, Creative, Driven”). What other tips do you have for headlines? Ready to change yours? :)

WATCH: Here is a video on the formula for an effective LinkedIn headline. Watch it here.

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