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8 Ways How to Answer: "Why Did You Leave your Last Job?" In a Job Interview

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I'll discuss how to answer "Why did you leave your last job" in a job interview. The answer to this question is very crucial so I will provide some tips and samples. Questions like these are most likely asked during interviews, so make sure to not leave a single detail, watch and read until the end.

How do you respond to the interview question, "Why did you leave your last job?" or "Why do you want to leave?" Your answer to this is CRUCIAL. 3 Tips: 🍊Don’t place blame. This is a balancing act because a lot of things are out of your control. State the facts without animosity, and don't allow it to turn into "boo hoo, why do bad things always happen to me?" Mention where you have ownership. Such as, "I didn't end up getting the projects I was promised. I completely understand why the company changed focuses on the better, but I am no longer playing to my strengths like I would at your company." 🍊Come away with a learning Even bad employment situations teach you a ton even if it shows you exactly what you DON'T want. Such as, "I now know that I would be better suited at a larger company like yours where the goals are well defined." 🍊Positivity No matter what, put a positive spin on it all. When they see you talking dirt about another company they worry you’ll do the same about them in the future. Such as, "This was such an amazing experience to uncover exactly what I want in my next role."

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