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How to Answer What is Your Leadership Style | Leadership and Management Interview Questions

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

"What is your leadership/management style?" or "What is your management style?". In this video, you'll learn how to answer this question with a four-step framework that'll be sure to impress that interviewer.

Here are 4 steps to rock this interview question.

🍊1. Emphasize flexibility

Your style evolves based on the needs of the company & people. If you don't mention this, often they assume you are a one trick pony.

🍊2. Define your leadership style

I give examples of leadership styles as well as 2 ways to help you figure it out

🍊3. Identify stories

Tell stories that illustrate the management style you exhibited. Use tools like a Story Toolbox and PAR method (I'll link more info in the comments)

🍊4. Tie it back to the company

Either discuss what you've noticed about the culture & direct reports about why you feel this style would be a good fit and/or ask them deeper questions about what types of leadership styles thrive here.

I then share a full example!

Watch the video to hear how I completely bombed this question in an interview once.

How do you approach this question?

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Here's a video on How to Craft your Story Toolbox to be able to answer any interview question. Watch it here!

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