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How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Want to know the step by step process on how to rock behavioral interview questions? In this video, I discuss how to answer "Tell me about a time when..." AKA Behavioral Interview Questions. This is the best possible thing you could do to up your interview game. Seriously! I teach an approach called a Story Toolbox and it leads to the highest volume of success stories over anything else I teach.

A Story Toolbox is a document of prompts I provide, and you think of events in your career that fit the prompts.

Then you practice telling these stories in the PAR method.

And when you get to the interview, you have an arsenal of stories to pick from, and they fit nearly EVERY interview questions.

Any "Tell me about a time when..." question, you are set.

But I even recommend using these for other vague questions like, "How do you respond to stress?"

Tell a story!

🍊The more stories you tell in an interview, the more memorable you will be & they will better be able to see you in the role.


🍊Watch the full video and download the toolbox (link in comments)

Interviewers, do you prefer when candidates draw on specific experiences in their answers?

Free Download!

Get the Story Toolbox worksheet that will ensure you have the right stories to address any behavioral interview question. Snag it here!

Watch the full video on How to Build a Story Toolbox - a MUST to rock your interviews! Watch it here.

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The story toolbox worksheet link above is not working


When choosing what stories to share, would you say the impact and themes of the story are most important, or the relevancy to the specific role? For example, if you're someone who has worked in both marketing and operations, and you're going for an operations job. Your BEST, most shiny story is related to a problem you solved in marketing, but you could also tell a lower impact, higher job relevancy story about a problem you solved in operations. Which do you choose?

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