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Job Hopping is Ruining Your Resume, Here’s How to Recover From It

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I'll talk about why switching full-time roles in a short amount of time, or being a "job hopper," can be preventing you from getting job interviews. I'll talk about how you can adjust your resume and how to answers interview questions to overcome this stigma!

I've seen it happen: You hand a hiring manager a qualified resume, and they notice a gap between roles and see that the last few jobs have only lasted several months each. Their imagination goes wild. They think: this person must be difficult to work with. Or they don't know what they want. Or they will jump at any chance for a higher paycheck elsewhere. Meanwhile, your reasons for your gaps and switching jobs are each is logical and does not reflect poorly on your character. But how will they know that from looking at your resume? You need to explain it directly on the resume. Briefly explaining on a resume why you left a role or took time off from working can make a MAJOR difference in you getting the interview or not. In this video, you'll see 7 examples of how to do this!

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Informational Interview Question Cheat Sheet - What should you ask in an informational interview? Have all of the right questions at your fingertips by downloading this free PDF guide. Get it here.

Before you dive into your next role, make sure it sticks by prepping with these!

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