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Finding a Job While Pregnant - How to Have a Job Interview While Pregnant and Showing

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

How do you land a job when you're pregnant? I've interviewed & hired pregnant people before, and I know the behind the scenes of the #humanresources side & how companies react to the news. In this video, you'll learn how to interview when you are pregnant and showing. What key legal and company dynamics that most people do not know. I also teach you a word by word script of how to talk about your pregnancy in the job interview.

First, in the US, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act means you don't need to discuss your pregnancy, and the company can't bring it up specifically.

...but I often recommend owning the narrative - bringing it up yourself, especially if you are showing.

In the video I give the exact script of what to say, it consists of:

🍊Be confident, not guilty

🍊Focus on the value you bring to the company (not that you need the job)

🍊Emphasize commitment & flexibility - this is huge


A lot of the laws protecting pregnant women do not apply to companies under 50 people.

Have you interviewed while pregnant? Or interviewed someone pregnant?

What are your thoughts and stories?

Free Download!

Follow Up Email Templates - Use these to craft the perfect follow up email after your interview to hear back & land the next interview. Snag it here

Here's a video on Job Hopping - how to adjust your resume & address it in an interview. Watch it here!

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