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Farewell Letter to Coworkers - Template & Example!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Ever wondered how to write a farewell message to colleagues after resignation? Saying goodbye to colleagues seems to be the hardest part when leaving your company. I'll be showing you how to create a touching farewell letter to your colleagues and will also talk about what to put in your goodbye message so you can leave the company the right way.

It's important to leave a company the RIGHT way. Here is the message you should email to your coworkers to give the right impression on the way out & the subject line to use! Here's the outline: 🍊Part 1: Say you’re leaving and when 🍊Part 2: Your reason. This is optional. But if it's a lifestyle change that isn't related to the job itself (like moving to be closer to family) I would say it. 🍊Part 3: Gratitude Besides saying you’re leaving, this is the most important part. Even if this job was sushi-at-a-gas-station-level bad, you’ve got to come up with a few things that you were grateful for. 🍊Part 4: Anything logistical If there is someone taking over your projects or is the new contact for certain things, let people know. 🍊Part 5: Contact Info Many people share their personal email and encourage coworkers to stay in touch. What are other tips on how to leave a company the RIGHT way?

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