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Describe Your Ideal Work Environment | Job Interview BEST Answer!

"What type of work environment do you prefer?" This is one that people ramble nonsense about. In this video, you'll learn how to answer this question.

I'll tell you what they're actually asking and give you two scripts of exactly what to say.

This is what they are actually asking:

"Do you understand what it’s like to work here and will you be able to thrive here?"

Whatever their environment is, they want to make sure you're well suited for it.

Therefore bring 3 approaches to this question:

🍊First, emphasize flexibility.

This is the safest way for you to not mess this up.

🍊Second, call out things you’ve noticed about the culture that you like.

Name those things in the environment you feel compatible with.

🍊Third, don’t talk too much.

This shouldn't be a long answer unless they prompt you to go deeper.

🍊Watch the video for two of these answers in action - one if you don't know the company's environment, and the other for if you do!

I am curious if you have ever asked or been asked this question? It seems like a question where most people ramble & aren't sure what to say. Thoughts?

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