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Coronavirus Job Search: How to Network Online for a Job - Get a Job with this Cold Email!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

How do we engage our network & build new relationships to help us land a job during this #coronavirus outbreak? This video is HIGHLY requested. Because career fairs are out. Networking events are out. People are stressed. What do we do?

In this video, you'll learn how to network and build relationships online digitally and remotely during the coronavirus outbreak.

This video is PACKED with advice, but here are a couple of key takeaways

🍊When you email people in your network, first show empathy and interest in them to get the conversation rolling.

Then share SPECIFICALLY the types of opportunities you're looking for (they can't really help if you don't get specific)

I share template emails in the video.

🍊When networking with strangers, I feature a beginner and an advanced approach.

Beginner approach:

1️⃣ Find people who work at your target companies in your target functions

2️⃣ Message them on LinkedIn or email

3️⃣ Compliment something about them and then ask for "This or That" advice ("should I contact the hiring manager or the recruiter?")

4️⃣ Follow up later about how you implemented the advice. Keep chatting!

This is something Austin Belcak preaches a lot and it is so true!

I share templates on how to do it!

Much more in the video, how have you been #networking?

Free Download!

Email Templates: How to Follow Up During the Coronavirus Outbreak - HIGHLY EFFECTIVE during the crisis! Snag it here

Informational Interview Question Cheat Sheet - What should you ask in an informational interview? Have all of the right questions at your fingertips by downloading this free PDF guide. Get it here!

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