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Best Way to Connect on LinkedIn - 5 High Impact Invitation Message Samples!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Connecting on Linkedin etiquette can be tricky. In this video, you'll learn how to connect on LinkedIn with perfect strangers with these 5 personal message samples that will dramatically increase the likelihood that they will connect with you.

Here are 5 LinkedIn messages that actually get responses.

I want to add that, the best way to get a high response rate is to write a customized connection request, and then follow up when they accept, since that message can get lost in their inbox.

🍊The Compliment

➡️I am a big fan of your posts, would love to connect to engage more.

✅Then follow up with WHAT you liked specifically.

🍊Continue the Conversation

➡️I enjoyed commenting with you about design thinking. I have a good article to send you.

✅They are already familiar with you - this is the best time to add someone!


➡️I saw you took an unconventional path to get to Product Management AND went to Syracuse, me too! Would love to connect.

✅Identify ways that you are similar: places you've lived, schools, volunteering - anything!

🍊Mutual Connection

➡️I see you're connected to Maureen McCann and quite a few other of my favorite people. Then saw your profile & loved your story about how you found your career.

✅This works well if they actually know the person they are connected to. That's why you'll want to add a second reason for connecting.

🍊True Helper

➡️I saw your post about hiring an Executive Assistant, I know someone who could be a fit.

✅Find ways to add value - this one is my absolute favorite!

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