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5 Ways How to Say No to to Your Boss - Get Your Time Back!

Updated: May 18, 2020

I'll teach you 5 ways on how to say no to tasks people throw your way when you're feeling overwhelmed, without coming across as rude or lazy. I'll also include examples from my own life of how I've been using these methods to say no to extra work. Get your work-life balance women & men!

Here is how to say NO to tasks given to you by your boss and coworkers without sounding rude or lazy. 🍊Use the “yes, what should I re-prioritize” method. They make an ask. You are fully buried in work so you say, "Sure, this week I am focused on x, y, and z. Which should I reprioritize for this?" Boom. They will often back off. 🍊Use a bit of humor. This one can be tricky, being playful can often diffuse a potentially uncomfortable situation. Such as, "I saw your skills at the escape room the other night, I bet you can solve this mystery on your own." Said with a smile and chuckle. 😄 🍊Make it a teachable moment. If someone asks for something and you know they have access to do it themselves, teach them how instead of giving them the answer. 🍊Suggest somebody else do it. People in different departments may come to you with tasks that aren't what you should focus on. Recommend they reach out to a specific person or group. 🍊Use the “If you can X. then I will Y” response. Someone may give you a big ask, and before agreeing to it, think about a compromise. Who is committed to saying NO to more things, and yes to the things that truly matter?

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