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5 Questions to Ask During a Phone Interview with a Recruiter

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I will be talking about some killer interview questions to ask employers in a first-round interview. It is very important to know what to ask because it shows how high caliber of a candidate you are. I will also be sharing my favorite question to ask to help you get an idea about the company's direction.

When a company asks in a job interview, "do you have any questions for me?" You better have a few questions ready to go. Why? Because by asking questions you show that you are a high-quality candidate by vetting the opportunity yourself. It's incredible how many times I've seen a hiring manager walk out of an interview, and I ask "How did it go?" and they respond, "I really like them, they asked great questions." I introduce 5 categories of questions in this video. How to ask about: ✅ The role - Get key insights to see if you match the role ✅ The team - Understand the dynamics of the team ✅ The company - See what the company values and their culture ✅The interviewer - Get to know them as a person, and get them to light up in conversation ✅The process - Learn the interview process and what you should expect My favorite of these questions is asking, "Over X years that you've been at the company, how has your role and the company changed?" Because it gets the interviewer opening up about their personal experience and gives you a concept about the company's trajectory as well as how much professional development they've gotten. What's your favorite question to ask in an interview?

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