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5 HR Career Skills You Need on Your Resume! | Human Resources Management

You want to give yourself the edge as a human resources professional, but which skills actually matter? Whether you are growing your Human Resources career or looking to break into the profession, I will teach you the top 5 most in-demand HR skills and which ones will land you the career-defining job or promotion.

Here are the top 5 most in-demand HR skills:

🍊 1. Talent Acquisition

Even if you are an admin or generalist, recruiting is such an important skill because:

➡️ Many small/mid sized companies look for a person who can do HR & Recruiting to save on costs

➡️ If you want to be promoted to a VP level, you may need experience across the HR function, especially talent acquisition.

🍊 2. Total Rewards

Compensation, benefits, other incentives. Ensure there is pay equity. Choose the right benefit plans to attract talent, address the needs of employees, and have a massive impact on the budget.

🍊 3. Immigration & Employment Law

This area is a crucial pain point for many employers and so knowing the ins-and-outs of immigration & employment law is an important skill. The company's legal standing, the employee's ability to work - everyone is looking to you to guide them!

Watch the video for the final 2 high-demand skills. Shout out to SHRM for this video!

Which skills would you add to the list?

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