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4 Ways to Meet the Speaker at an Event & Spark a Relationship

Updated: May 18, 2020

How often do you go to an event, connect with the speaker's story and then chicken out on meeting them because there are too many people pursuing them? You don't know what to say, or someone else is completely monopolizing their time?

I will teach you 4 tips on how to meet a speaker so the next time you go to an event and see someone interesting to speak with, you won't hesitate to meet them, feel confident and make a great impression.

This helped me overcome my shyness (me shy? It's true!) When I would see someone excellent speak, I often would get nervous and not know what to say to them. Everyone is flocking to them...I always felt like another face in the crowd, saying "good job." A shallow connection. BUT I came up with 4 ways to make an impression that helped give me confidence. The tip in this video is: Take photos of the speakers. When I do this, I connect more quickly with someone, and I feel at ease since I have something to offer. If it's an event where there is no professional photography, speakers are so grateful that I took the time to snap them in their moment. It's a natural way to get their contact information and build a relationship. 🔑 The key to networking is always be adding value.🔑 ➡️Think of little ways to be a resource, not a sales pitch. ✅ Watch the full video to get the other 3 ways I approach speakers at events. How would you like to be approached?

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Get the "Networking Toolkit" - a quick-reference guide for your next networking event. It is complete with the ECAU Framework for building lasting relationships, and 5 questions to ask while networking that will feel more authentic than "What do you do?" Get it here.

Next up, here is the video, "How to Network with Powerful People - 60 Seconds of Value Tip!" to make attending events REALLY worth it. Watch it here.

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