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3 Ways to Detect Personality Traits in the Workplace

Updated: May 18, 2020

I'll discuss the 3 ways to work with different personalities in the workplace. Build workplace communication skills with these methods, including tools like the DiSC assessment. Every person has a unique personality in the workplace, and that's why understanding personalities in the workplace, and personality differences in the workplace, is so important!

I got into the corporate world and learned the hard way that "Treat others the way you want to be treated" is bogus advice. This is a way to connect with people who are similar to us, but then we'll completely cross wires with the others. So let's rewrite the rule: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated. Here are 3 ways to figure out how to treat someone the right way: 🍊 Write a user manual Start with yourself and then ask others to do the same. This is a document with your communication style, preferences, situations that put you at ease, and others that make you anxious. It will become clear you and your coworkers are different quickly! 🍊 Take behavioral assessments I recommend DiSC because it helps you to quickly understand someone's communication style and adjust to it. These assessments are a great jumping-off-point to be aware of your tendencies and others'. 🍊 Take polls and surveys Ask around before jumping into an idea that you think is great, but will affect a lot of people. I tell two stories in this original video where I only thought of myself and threw events ignoring other people's tendencies. I'll link the original video in the comments for you to see! Can you guess what my DiSC style is? 😁

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