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3 Step Easy Cover Letter

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I will discuss how to write a stand-out simple cover letter or application letter for a job in 3 simple, non-generic steps. I will also be giving out an easy application letter sample to help free up your time.

Is there any point in writing a cover letter? Does anyone actually read it? I stand strong in my position for this question. My advice is: Write one! You do not know if they are going to read it, and I can't guarantee they will, but a well-written cover letter is so rare these days and it can help you stand out. A cover letter is a make-or-break for most candidates. Why? Because the two things I look for most in candidates are: 🍊Passion 🍊Achiever Pattern Both of these can be conveyed in the cover letter, especially the passion for WHY are you interested in this company?

I always read cover letters. They have often been the difference between someone getting an interview or not. BUT the majority of them are generic and actually HURT the candidate's chances. They sound like this:

Dear Sir/Madam, Please find my resume for the position of Executive Assistant. I am experienced in office administration, have excellent problem solving and time management skills. Additionally, I am highly organized and have been successful in working in both individual and group settings. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, [Candidate] This cover letter is generic and self-describing. It could be anyone! The goal is to not use adjectives to describe yourself, but instead, tell your story and show character. Here is a simple, non-generic, 3 step cover letter: 1️⃣Who you are. Write 1 sentence describing what kind of professional you are. 2️⃣ Highlight how you are a fit based on the job description. Pick out the major themes of the JD, the biggest problems to solve, and talk about how you are uniquely qualified to solve it. 3️⃣Why this company Include at least 1 sentence why you are interested in working at the company.

Free Download!

Follow Up Email Templates - Use these to craft the perfect follow up email after your interview to hear back & land the next interview. Get them HERE.

Next, here's a video on how to get your resume through the resume scanning software by having the right keywords and formatting. Watch it here.

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