It is such a daunting task to choose the best career path for yourself, and some people never find it. So in this video I have boiled it down to a simple 4 step process, with examples and tips along the way...that, if pursued rigorously, will help you choose the perfect career for you.

In this video I will go over the four most powerful lessons I learned at my first corporate job. You’ll learn 4 things that seem obvious to everyone who has been in the workforce for a while, but no one ever tells you. I wish people had told me these things before I started my first corporate job. I made these mistakes so you don’t have to. :)

In this video you’ll learn the three step process to get a job with zero experience. We will walk through each step with examples and additional resources.

In this video I am getting very real with you all to tell you all about how I went from being an impressive high achieving student in school to a lousy underperforming employee in the workplace. I am going to tell the story of how life hit me in the face at my first corporate job, so that we can all learn about the tough transition from to school to the workplace and what I would do differently now.

In this video you’ll learn about grad school admissions from the inside - how admissions committees make decisions, and most importantly, how to get in. This video will have nothing to do with your GPA or test scores - there is a lot more to getting into grad school than that. I’ll walk you through 4 insights and tips that will increase your chances of getting accepted.

In this video you'll learn how to get a job without connections, and without networking! Answering the question that haunts many of us: How do I get a job at a company where I don't know anyone?

Informational interviews are conversations you have with people to get unique perspectives on different careers, companies, industries, and anything else that will help you make career decisions. If you feel lost or wandering about where to take your career next, informational interviews are the answer, and I will take you step by step to make sure yours are next level.

Baily Hancock joins us on Self Made Millennial to tell us how she has been able to make career pivots, and pitch them in her resume and interviews as a STRENGTH. She has demystified the career change process and broken it down into 5 steps to launch you towards your dream job.